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All those engaged in the solicitation,procurement,and processing,of what has been Classified as The Sub-Prime Market, at every level of Employment, not just mortgage Brokers, and all levels of all the Others, including those who obtained the Loans, are being investigated for possible Criminal Fraud Violations.

It is illegal to falsify financial information of any type in an attempt tosecure loans involving any type of United States Government Participation of any type, such as mortgage Financing or Protection.

The Act of Perjury or Criminal Fraud of any Type is a Felony.

I would suggest anyone that has done anything illegal, or has in any way has anything to hide or be concerned about seek legal counsel immediately.

The fact that millions may be involved will not deter or be instrument in the prosecution of Fraud.



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At the present time, there is an effort, and an attempt, to discredit Milton Friedman,because he believed,and advocated, that the Free Market, was the only correct Economical Model.

What he didn't allow for, or take into consideration, was Fraud,Deception,and Totally Dishonest, Business Practices.

How can anyone,in any formula, for success,in any endeavor, compensate,or allow for, corruption?

If the Particpants, and Players,are Thieves, how can you build that into your formula?

Is Cheating, to be built into any sporting adventure?

Are we to assume, that Negotiators, of anything, or dishonest or Corrupt?

How do you figure that into the calculation?

Milton Friedman's theories,and positions, were always premised on the belief, that the Participants, would be honest and fair.

Are we to fault him for such a Premise?

Aren't we all supposed to make that Assumption?

God Spare Us, If We Can't.

Alsip Magistrate


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It is my understanding, that when someone, anyone, submits false information, regarding any fraudulent or deliberate dishonest information, on any document, or instrument, providing anything other than truthful,and factual information, that they are participating,and committing a Criminal Act, under Federal Jurisdiction.

These cases are investigated by the FBI,and prosecuted, by the Attorney General, in the appropriate State.

Evidently, this has been the case in sub-prime Mortage Applications,and loans.

If this is true, all these loans are fraudulent,and subject to Criminal Fraud Prosecution.

We will soon see what happens.

It is very possible, that because there are millions of potential Felons.,that for political purposes, there will either be none, or very selective prosecutions.

Time will tell.


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An effort is being made, by anyone in Politics and the Banking & Real Estate Industry, to present the current stuation in Real Estate Industry, to engender,or create a "Feel Sorry" mentality, for those People who are losing, or are about to lose, their "Dream House".

The Players in the Game remind me of the "*** Shoots" that used to take place in the Latrines of Barrack in the Army.

The word soon spreads throughout the Battalion,Company, or Division, of some activity taking place that will provide "Winnings" with little or no risk.

The basic problem in the current Real Estate,and Financial Institution Industry, is a result of the lack of Integrity or Honesty.

Those that applied for the loans to buy Homes, lied, committed Perjury, and falsified documents, to acquire Real Estate.

They lied about their Immigration status, and they lied about their source and amount of Income.

They were encouraged, and coached, to do so.

The Mortage Brokers, and all of their Associates, whatever their Title, were complicit in the perpetrated Fraud.

The incentive, was the Commissions available, which paid the Broker an Income of up to $25,000 per month.

All that Money, for just being dishonest.

Everyone, at every level participated, and shared in the Millions of Dollars of Commissions.

Fraud was rampant.

What I am surprised at, is that there are no investigations of Fraud.

At every level, People committed Criminal Fraud.

The Real Estate Purchasers were assured, that by the time the increased Mortages would come due, the Property would have appreciated in value, so that they could refinance to make money and their payments.

It didn't work out that way.

If all those transactions were based on Fraud, why isn't anyone being charged?

Why should honest, law-abiding Citizens,bail out all of these Crooks?

America, Wake Up

Alsip Magistrate

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